Datalogger, data recorder, data acquisition


ROGA-Instruments measurement systems are developed for sound and vibration data acquisition.



Portable and modular data acquisition


The modular data acquisition system DR-600 is designed for mobile data acquisition. Up to 72 channels fits in to the DR-600 main unit.
The DR-600 can be used for voltage, IEPE , strain gauge, temperature, charge transducers. For backup purposes or stand alone operation without a PC data can be stored on a removable SSD.

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Palmtop Size PC Card Recorder


The HR-12 Series provides a Palmtop Size PC Card Recorder and Instrumentation Amplifiers. This solution is designed for measurements under vibration and shock environments. It is a palmtop size, light weight, and ruggedized aluminum chassis. Palmtop size strain amplifier and IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) amplifier for connect-ing to HR-12 are provided as optional accessories. Application for tests and measurements for motor cycles, construction utility vehicles, trains, testing, railway trains, etc. where its installation space is limited.



Electronic Stethoscope ES12 for locating sound sources


The Electronic Stethoscope ES-12 system contains a directional microphone MI10, a monitor amplifier AV14, dynamic headphones, an accelerometer and a carrying case.
Use for: Acoustic and Vibration Measurements, Source Location, Machine Diagnosis


Roga Plug.n.DAQ is a compact 2channel in/out data acquisition device for recording and analysis. It features the widespread USB1.1 interface and requires no driver installation. In addition to AC inputs it directly supports IEPE-type sensors, such as microphones and accelerometers. The outputs may be used for monitoring, playback or signal generation. SPDIF I/O is supported as well.


Four Channel USB Data Acquisition System


Four Channel USB Data Acquisition System

RogaDAQ4 Front End is a high precision portable data acquisition system. Four simultaneously sampled 24bits resolution channels measure precisely any signals with frequencies up to 80kHz. RogaDAQ4 combined with PC or notebook is a perfect measurement solution. It offers high levels of precision and it is very easy to use.


16 channel real time observation and analysis


with RogaDAQ16 and DASYLab in combination with an USB2.0 interface can be used for a broad variety of applications. In example the system is used for observation tasks performed with acceleration sensors in power plants.


USB FFT analyzer


The USB supplied FFT analyzer RogaDAQ2 offers two 24 bit DC/IEPE main channels and two programmable rotational inputs. Four additional analog inputs are available to perform pressure and temperature measurement.