Produktbild Rogadaq2



Sound Card for Data Acquisition / FFT Analyzer USB DAC. Two high quality, AC/DC and IEPE simultaneous sampling inputs, 24 bit sigma delta ADC, also for NVH measurements


RogaDAQ2 Sound Card for Data Acquisition - Description


The RogaDAQ2 USB DAQ is developed for highly accurate measurements in the T&M and also for NVH measurements. This USB Front End is optimized for noise and vibration measurements with 2 channel IEPE (ICP®) sensor supply.


Main feature of the RogaDAQ2 is the driver and free software concept. Special drivers are not needed ; the unit is detected by the PC as standard Soundcard.


Measurement programs like ArtemiS, Audacity, Cooledit, DASYLab, DEWESoft, DiaDem, LabView, Levelcheck, MatLab, PAK by Müller BBM, RogaREC, Smaart works directly in real time.



The RogaDAQ2 supports as first USB Soundcard on the market, measurements from 0 Hz up to 20 kHz and IEPE sensor supply.

Range input is fixed to +- 5 Volt and can not be changed by any Windows programs.



RogaDAQ2 is available including FFT Analyzer Software, Soundlevelmeter and Modal Analysis Program.



ICP® is a registered trademark of PCB Group, inc., Depew, New York


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